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Aretha (sold out)


Stay sassy and turn on the way. Sophisticated, contemporary and with a distinctive rebel touch. The golden detaills in the ankle strap as well as the golden linning in the heels make this pair an authentic treasure. The Aretha Sandal is made of 100% leather, including a velcro closure providing a comfortable and secure grip of the foot.

Made in Elche, Spain
Upper: suede and leather
Heel: leather
Heel height: 8,5 cm
Inner sole: leather
Inner linning: leather

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Craft is art

Tracatá is born under a condition: Quality over quantity. We handmade produce every pair, in small quantities, caressing every collection slowly and with love. Thanks to the workshops where our shoes are made, whose resources have nothing to do with the fast-fashion industry, we create every pair as if it was a piece of art. The process is full of colours, textures, smells coming from leather, and of course, of the smiles from people working on it.